Kerri has advocated for youth and families in multiple towns and cities throughout the state of Massachusetts within several school districts, hospital settings, mental health agencies, and within multiple communities where youth and families reside. Kerri will address these issues with a strong advocacy approach. She will speak with our elected officials about transparency within local government departments and thorough assessment of budgets prior to any requests for additional funding from a state level. Kerri will represent the people within the towns of Agawam, Southwick, and Granville due to her continued advocacy work within the community and bring state funding for local issues.

  • Kerri will continue to strongly advocate for the safety and welfare of the community regarding this pandemic. The pandemic has caused economic hardships within the community, therefore, families and children have struggled emotionally and financially and to increase resources for the families who are impacted, businesses that are impacted, and increased resources for ALL who have been impacted including our Veterans and Seniors.
  • Kerri will advocate for additional funding our educational system regarding COVID-19 funding efforts.
  • Kerri will advocate for families who have experienced economic hardships and fight for emergency resource funding.
  • Kerri will advocate for working families and was recently endorsed by the MA AFL-CIO.
  • Kerri will advocate for local businesses who have been affected by the pandemic and fight for funding to assist our local businesses that have been impacted financially.
  • Kerri will advocate for all who have been impacted by COVID-19 regarding housing needs and ensure that resources are readily available for those in need.
  • Kerri will advocate for all healthcare to be readily available for those who have been affected by COVID-19.
  • Kerri will advocate for funding for our Veteran communities, Senior communities, and funding to increase mental health and substance abuse resources for All.
  • Kerri will advocate for funding for our emergency first responders for professional development opportunities addressing racial equity and diversity as well as within the community and education system.
  • Kerri will be very visible within the communities and available to listen to all sides of an issue and not judge and assess what is in the best interest of the people and not the party.

Kerri's Focus
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